Tuesday, September 4, 2007

???? HOW ???

To: WSJournal Editorial Staff

as the HEART of the paper
you post something like this
in an editorial.

How in the world could YOU possibly KNOW this?

“But the ranks of the insured also grew, and
most of the uninsured are
people who can afford insurance but
don't buy it,
especially the young,
or who
qualify for
Medicaid and other government programs but are not enrolled.”

It should be a RULE –
AT the BEGINNING OF ANY article on Health Care - the writer should put -
My health Care cost me $xxx and WHO pays it.


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Michael, The Sin City Conservative said...

They do a study and based on the study they publish the results. Its the same way that people say 45 million Americans have no health insurance. How on earth to people know that?

Oh, and to follow your "rule", I pay $606.62 a month for health insurance. I pay it. No one else does. That is for my wife, our oldest son, and me. My premium will be increasing soon because we just had a new baby and will be adding him to our insurance. How much do you pay for insurance and how pays it?

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